- First, you install this plugin:

Rainlab User plugin

- Then, you install ideas shop/cart plugin (recommend) : 

Ideas shop plugin / ideas cart plugin

- Then you can install demo template  ( for ideas shop)

Ideas shop theme 

- Config mail : Settings (of octoberCMS) -> Mail configuration -> config your mail method (Send mail, SMTP, ....)

- Config mail templage: Settings (of octoberCMS) -> Mail Templates -> config mail of ideas shop (prefix ideas.*) 

Attribute group

  • For example: you may have two attribute group: laptop and computer. Each group has different attributes


  • For example :
    ++ you can create attribute filter: color, size, ...
    ++ you can create attribute dynamic: monitor, ram, mainboard, ...
    ++ you can create attribute customize each product


- To create product, you have to create tax class (default is nontaxable class), Attribute Group.

- in field 'Quantity' : left 0 if you not manage stock

- If you create configurable product, you have to create attribute and attribute option first


- Click to button 'not paid' to change payment status to 'paid'

- In the right top corner, there is button 'return order'. When you click this button, you will use function 'return order'

+ You can return each product individually with checkbox 'Check'

+ If you don't want to reverse quantity of this product, you can un-check checkbox in column 'Qty reverse'

Config Default

Go to Settings -> Config Default

You can config something here:

- When you generate coupon code, you can config prefix of coupon code and length of code

- You can choose mail method between 'send' and 'queue', default is 'send'. If you can access to server, you should choose 'queue'

- You can enable 'paypal' and 'stripe' payment method in tab 'payment'

- In tab 'Downloable Product'  you can choose:

+ Download once : if this config is enable, so your customer just can download your product 1 time. Then link will be expired.

If this config is disable. Your customer can download your product in 24 hours

+ Download right after checkout: if this funcion is enable, your customer can be receive email download immediately after pay

Config plus

Go to Settings -> Config Plus

You can config something else if you want

Theme manager

Go to Settings -> Theme manager

field 'type' has two value 'text' and 'image'.

With type 'image' , you can add 1 image or many images (gallery) 

Tax class

Go to Settings -> Tax Class manager

Before create a tax class, you have to create tax rate (Settings -> Tax Rate manager)


Go to Settings -> Coupon Manager

Create coupon:

- field 'type' : percentage or fixed amount

- field 'Number can be used' : number times coupon can use, leave 0 if unlimited

- field 'Number times used by a customer' : number times one customer can use, leave 0 if unlimited

- field 'category' : category is applied by this coupon, leave empty if apply for all

- field 'product' : product is applied by this coupon, leave emtpy if apply for all

- field 'Is Logged' : does this coupn need logged in user ?

Mail layout

Settings (Of october cms) -> Mail template -> Layouts -> Ideas Shop Mail Layout

=> you can change html and css in tab 'HTML' and 'CSS'