Config default

1. Tab General

Mail method 

you can choose queue or send. If you choose queue, you have to config your server to run queue


Coupon prefix

When generate coupon, you can choose coupon prefix for your coupon


Coupon length random

Coupon length when generating randomly


Is convert currency 

When you have many currencies, you may like to convert currency compare to currency default.

The service to convert currency is free service, so it may be not stable.


Number of default product per category in homepage

When you use component 'Theme', you can display lastest, featured product. 

You can config default number of product that display here

Each category can display different number of product, and you can setting for

each category when you create or update one category : 'Number product to display in each category (in homepage)'


Is resize image in product list in backend ?

When list product (in backend), may be featured image is too large. You can choose yes to resize image to load faster

(your server must install GD library to resize image)


Is create product type simple in default ?

There is three types in ideas shop: simple, configurable, downloadable

If you just want to create simple product in default when you click button 'new' in product list, you can choose 'yes'

If you choose 'no' , when you click button 'new', there is a modal popup appear so you can choose what type product you want to create


2. Tab payment

You can choose enable / disable payment method : paypal and stripe here


3. Tab Downloable product

Download once

If you choose 'enable', customer can just download product once time

Download right after checkout

If you choose 'enable', when customer checkout and pay (by paypal or stripe), he/she can download product (a email will send to him/her so he/she can download)


4. Tab checkout

You can config 'checkout success url' and 'Checkout fail url' here 


5. Tab homepage Seo

You can config meta title, description and keyword of home page here


6. Tab homepage

You can config number of product that display (featured, bestseller, latest) here